The first Telematics device working on solar energy

Professional telematics system in the form of a small sticker
Enter the dashboard


A simple to install solution, which brings telematics services to any vehicle in 5 minutes! Trucknet integration is provided to share real-time location with your Contractors and Customers.

TI - Sticker benefits

Installation in 5 minutes

No need to connect to the hardware of the truck. Just stick it on the windshield and you are ready to go! No need to go to the garage to install the hardware in your vehicles!

Solar energy is used

The device is not connected to any power source so there are no extra cables in the cabin. Many challenges were overcome in order for this device to work autonomously on solar power only.

The most accurate GPS on the market

Machine learning and gyroscope are used to enhance the data received from the GPS sensor and to provide an accurate location of the vehicle, within 2 meters.

The most affordable solution on the market

The TI-sticker does not require any additional hardware to be installed in the vehicle, so you pay for the device only. Contact our sales department for further information.+33 1 86 96 99 99