About us

Hanan Friedman

Founder and CEO

Hanan Friedman established Trucknet Enterprise in 2016 and together with his Information Technology (IT) team developed the company's unique automatic platform using a smart algorithm. He has been invited to present Trucknet's intelligent transportation platform in two annual UNFCCC Climate Change Conferences in the past years.

As an environmental and agricultural expert, Hanan gained extensive operational experience in food and marketing logistics. In his previous position at the Israel Ministry of Defense, his responsibilities included advancing privatization of the food industry and food logistics for the army (IDF). Hanan served as project manager for the construction of numerous solar power plants in the southern part of the country. He is an active participant in the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative of the Prime Minister's office.

Hanan served as a commander in the Paratroopers unit in the IDF. Following his army service, he obtained a Business Administration degree. In addition to his professional activities, he supports "Larger than Life", a public non-profit organization assisting families facing pediatric cancer. Hanan also lectures in the framework of "Unistream" – a non-profit that empowers youth and young adult entrepreneurship in the periphery.

About Trucknet

Trucknet provides fleet management companies with a cloud-based transport optimization platform that delivers smart freight exchange to improve efficiency and profitability, while reducing environmental impact.

The system consists of the following components: The Trucknet platform (automatically matches empty vehicles to subcontractor requests from other companies), TMS (internal schedule software for transportation companies), Driver Interface (a mobile application for the driver), Tracker (a mobile application for end-to-end delivery, currently in development), Trucknet Telematics (a central interface for different telematics systems, in development).

Our goal

Trucknet aims to build unique business ecosystems. Its software platform integrates with existing telematics and TMS systems, thereby providing transportation companies with the opportunity for sharing economy, improving visibility, and using electronic documents and payment solutions.

Trucknet's platform enables transportation and logistics companies to minimize the empty truck rides of their fleet by interfacing and negotiating available rides with other (transportation and logistics) companies.

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